Jillian Burns

For me, the arts are a means of creativity and a way to find beauty in simple things. Growing up, I was always doodling and my main subjects were people. I never thought of pursuing art as a career until I took a drawing class my first year of college. In this class, we did portraits and figure drawing with live models. From there, I began taking more of an interest in art and began considering incorporating it into a career. While I used to view art as a hobby, now I see it as an important part of my life and of education as it allows people to expand their minds and see things from new perspectives as well as express their emotions.
Although I have worked with many mediums, I mainly do acrylic paintings now. I like to incorporate lots of colors into my paintings to give them life and vibrance. I enjoy working with skin tones and finding the different colors and undertones that go into it to create an interesting piece. My goal as an artist is to bring life to my pieces to keep people visually engaged as well as convey emotion.
In my artwork, I want people to find something they can relate to through the emotions conveyed. I want the audience to be able to look at one of my pieces and think back to a time where they felt the same way. I would also like to portray realistic, but more colorful and vibrant, depictions of the human body so the viewer can find beauty in all body types.


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Jillian Burns
(562) 231-8303

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Artist Work

Yellow Woman (2020)
Acrylic on canvas

Sleeping on a Star (2021)
Acrylic on canvas

Radiant Girl (2020)
Acrylic on canvas