Jessie Santiago

In my pursuit of artistic expression, I discovered my true calling by breaking free from the chains of conventionalism and forging my own creative path that began within the constraints of a mainstream hair salon.  The environment, defined by conformity, stifled the expansive spirit within me, revealing only a fraction of my authentic self through the limitations of a conventional business model.  This realization sparked a yearning for more profound expression. After enduring five years in the traditional business world and accumulating over two decades of experience in the beauty industry, a critical juncture emerged.  The demands of capitalism led to burnout and chronic illness, prompting a profound realization: while my passion for hairstyling was genuine, the toxic norms of the salon environment left me feeling constrained.  The disconnect from my multifaceted talents, community, culture, and self-neglect became glaringly evident.  In response to this internal awakening, I discovered painting as a meditation form and instantly fell in love. My artistic journey took an unexpected turn as I found myself working on larger and larger canvases, eventually creating pieces larger than myself.  Within my sanctuary, I merge my talents and passions into a vibrant canvas (including the human canvas) that I share intentionally with those around me.  These sacred walls witness ancestral/indigenous healing practices, ritualistic haircutting, energy work, dance and movement, and large-scale abstract mixed-media paintings that breathe life into spaces.  As a storyteller, I extend my narrative into the digital realm, venturing into podcasting, social media, and video making. Through these mediums, I share insights into my creative process, unravel the threads of my experiences, and invite listeners into the multidimensional tapestry of my artistic journey.

Guided by the wisdom of my nurturing grandmothers, my spiritual journey began in childhood, introducing me to the transformative power of hands-on healing. As a hairstylist, salon owner, and polyamorous woman, I marveled at the seamless integration of my diverse identities.  In 2008, driven by an insatiable curiosity, I delved deeper into the realms of energy work, acquiring a Reiki Master’s certification and exploring the profound landscapes of energy healing, mindfulness, and Akashic record divination.  Armed with newfound knowledge, I returned to the hair salon, transforming it into a sanctuary where conversations with clients transcended the ordinary.  The space evolved into a haven, offering hair services, intuitive readings, Akashic record consultations, energy work, tarot readings, and sacred rituals.  Clients sought more than a mere haircut; they discovered a sacred space where healing energies flowed freely, and personal transformations unfolded.  Maintaining an unbreakable connection to my grandmother and ancestors, energy work emerged as my closest companion—a profound link to Source energy and a means to connect with fellow human beings on a soul level. I am privileged and passionate about extending the gifts of healing, art, hair services, meditation, divination, and relationship coaching to the LGBTQIA+, Polyamorous, and POC communities and their allies. In this sacred haven, all are embraced and empowered, creating a space where the profound tapestry of art and diversity is celebrated and cherished.



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Jessie Santiago

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Artist Work

60X72. Mixed Media, Acrylic. This was my first large scale painting. Symbolizing the power within women and girls that is often ignored or unseen.

Imagine Nation
24x30. Mixed Media, Acrylic. A piece representing indigenous people being displaced. Imagine a nation that valued people over money.

40x60. A piece representing the pressure women feel from society to be perfect, pretty and nice.