Jendháre Visions

I stand back in both amusement and amazement when I think of how early days of being reprimanded for doodling on household walls evolved into a passion for playful expression through paint over the years. A childhood spent in Kansas gave me space to explore the depths of my young mind, entering and winning my first art contests at 6 and 7 years old. But Since 2000, Long Beach, California has proudly been my home. It is here that I pocketed a few art techniques through public school classes, drew or painted when it called me on empty afternoons not spent dancing, and remained steady painting informally through college-days. Finally, in 2015 I accepted the fact that the very thing that brings me the most bliss is the ability to take a stream of thought, a stream of energy, a stream of something intangible, and manifest a visual representation of that upon a surface using COLOR.
And I have accepted that the PAINTBRUSH is simply the tooI I desire the most to do so. I invite you into my realm of Abstract Expressionism, to explore trails of my mind depicted through vibrant and bold color and movement.


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Jendharé LeAnn Bronso

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“Poppy-Power” (2019)
This 16”X20” varnished acrylic on canvas piece is one from a series of three. Each poppy is dynamically painted on a warm, vibrant background of gold, orange, or cardinal. “Poppy-Power” exists as a bright orange burst, as orange is associated with power and creativity.

“Surge” (2018)
“Surge” is a 16”X20” varnished acrylic on canvas piece that marks a style signature of Jendháre Visions. Streams of bold, constrasting lines shoot upward and downward in an harmonic balance of color and movement.

“Wildfire” (2018)
Wildfire is a grand 30”X40” acrylic on Canvas piece of pure firey danger. Fluid movement of reds and golds, pulled together by black, bring the viewer into a vivid visual dance.