Recorded demos for Rihanna, Britney spears, Demi Lovato and Credited on a Drake single. Also have written for many up and coming artists. Multiple genres, Classical and Jazz training. I love experimental pop. Looking for a singer to create your song? I’m all about building relationships and producing top quality. Follow on IG: @jemmaofficial
My process starts from catering to my clients needs, to writing everything i can soak up to put into their project, to then putting complete heart and soul into executing the song vocally, with a polished finalization in mixing. Born and raised in Sydney Australia, music has been my passion and chosen career since the age of 5. Won Rising star and Super Nova award at Jaanz school of singing, performed in China 3 nights in a sold out Stadium and shortly after moved to L.A to study at L.A county school for the arts. Have been producing for 5 years now with an at home studio set up. Sung demos for Rihanna, Britney spears, Demi Lovato and written a record Drake was on. Also have written for many up and coming artists. Classically trained in Jazz, Opera but main genre is experimental pop! Looking for a singer to write a song for you? I’m all about building songs of quality. Prices ranges are negotiable depending on what exactly you’re seeking to collaborate on.
“Pat Harvey ‏@PatHarveyNews KTLA 18 Oct Jemma, you’re a strong young lady with a voice…and a message. Continue. to shine!”
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contact: itsmsjemma@hotmail.com


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https://soundcloud.com/jemmaofficial (2020)
Youtube Channel is putting out super beautiful content of my music weekly as well as my sound cloud.

Link to https://soundcloud.com/jemmaofficial


Australian artist doing full production, vocals and lyrics in her Cali studio - Jem Studio Productions IG: @jemmawebbofficial Only serious enquiries for music/business please: itsmsjemma@hotmail.com

Spotify of entire album (2020)
Certified artist profile on Spotify with my 2020 "HÁRTFELT" album out.

Link to Spotify of entire album

https://music.apple.com/us/album/h%C3%A1rtfelt/1511877621 (2020)
Hártfelt album able to buy and purchase on itunes.

Pushed you away - hit on my album (2020)
Jémma Music || Pushed you away - hit on album "Hártfelt"

Link to Pushed you away - hit on my album

Jémma - Black Flute (Official Music Video)

Hártfelt Album link: https://open.spotify.com/album/40y2jfMvScdJzZ4fzMRcSS Black Flute: Kisses this soft Make the clouds just Want to give up (give up) Play for hours Paralyze me with your sound reach me from far oo the aura just gets deeper cherish these lips lead me where my feet won't wonder caught in your