Jazmin Jade Castaneda

Hello!! My name is Jazmin Jade Castaneda. I am currently an Art teacher for KIPP Corazon in South Gate and an individual artist when I am not on teacher mode! Through my work, my main mission is to transport viewers to past memories of childhood, adulthood, and obstacles that we face daily or throughout our lives. It is difficult to remember where and when to snap photos of memories that we wish to live in forever. For that reason, I like to present this in acrylic or gouache paintings to imitate the infinite space and time of a photograph. I like to stress the fact that time moves quickly, and to absorb your mistakes, your strengths, good memories and bad memories, because there will be one day where you will reflect on how you wish you did a certain thing or traveled somewhere specific when you had the chance. I like to enhance the blessing and curse of time. Through my work, it is my mission to remind others but mostly myself to enjoy the little things and to forgive myself for my mistakes.


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Jazmin Castaneda
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Artist Work

Fuzzy Changa (2022)
This piece is a design that I created for my little brother, Joseph. I made this piece to help him cope with the passing of our dog, Lucy, during the time.

The Ego's Belly of Hate (2020)
I made this piece throughout the months of quarantine during the lockdown of COVID-19 2022 Not only was there a pandemic arising, but political movements, family loss, pain, and mental reflections were taking place during this time. It was the only way that I was able to feel calm.

Jazzy's space (2021)
This painting was a painting that I created while observing my current space before I moved out of the city of Lakewood and into the city of Whittier It was an overwhelming time for me and painting helped me relax my nerves.