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My passion in the beginning was hair. I had an obsession with sculpting and transforming hair. I later found my interest was heading in a different direction. Ever since I can remember, my mom had me inside the house due to my epilepsy. She kept me entertained with crayons , paints, color pencils and anything creative. Later in life , I found that my childhood hobbies came back to my life in a different form which was makeup . My passion for color and texture came back once I joined cosmetology. I had a partner that was really amazing at makeup. So I asked him for help. I asked if he would be willing to mentor me and show me the ropes . He refused and said “your better off doing hair then makeup “. I wasn’t sure if he was afraid of maybe a little competition lol or he wanted me to focus on only hair. To me, it didn’t matter. At that very moment I needed that support from my partner to help me and guide me to the right path. So I told myself that this was going to be the last time I ever let anyone tell me I couldn’t achieve anything. So any chance I had, I would save money and buy makeup from CVS or Walmart and practice on myself, or family members and returning hair clients . Slowly but surely, I stepped outside my comfort zone and started freelancing, working for different cosmetics brands and different production companies alongside reality television stars and celebrities. With my 13+ Experience in the beauty industry , I’ve had the chance to go through many different situations and one of my goals is to become an educator. Be that Mentor that I wished I had when I first started. In 2019 , Morphe made history. Morphe was the first cosmetic brand that came out with a “Pride Campaign “ that had their very own pride collection . Teaming up with “The Trevor Project”, Morphe managed to raise over $300,000 and donated 100% of that. I was casted as the only drag queen in the group . Morphe was the first and only brand that gave me a voice and allowed me to share my story with the rest of the world and I couldn’t be more thankful for such an Awesome opportunity. I want to now take these experiences , techniques and things that I’ve learned throughout my journey and hopefully inspire others to do the same . I want to inspire people, one brush stroke at a time .



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Jaime Quintana
(562) 405-4283

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Artist Work

Where ever theres TRICK and TREAT , there’s always TROUBLE (2020)
This photo shoot was created around October . We came together as a team and created and designed these characters . BenNye later contacted me and asked for permission to feature this photo on their Instagram.

Scarey Mary (2019)
Original design came from Christina Cofran and Jennifer Fregozo. I took that original concept and studied the character a little more . Inspired by broken vintage dolls , I gave Mary a more demonic processed drown victim doll look .

Morphes Pride Campaign “ Living in color” (2019)
This was one of my head shots for Morphes Pride Campaign “Living in Color “ casted as the only Drag Queen from the Pride Tribe members.

Link to Morphes Pride Campaign “ Living in color”

Miss Dominique (2018)
Night life entertainer and female illusionist

Todrick Hall (2017)
I was Hes primary makeup artist for he’s visual album “straight out of OZ”

Link to Todrick Hall