Jason Triefenbach

Jason prides himself on a polymathic creative output encompassing sculpture, collage, sound, live performance, self-publishing, curation, broadcast media and ministerial services Through room- sized mixed media assemblage, primal sonic compositions, political diatribe, and spiritual organizing, Triefenbach espouses a “Utopian Sensualist” platform and offers his life’s work as a clumsy, crooked invocation of the revolutionary potential of emotional ecstasy as it stands in polarity to fundamentalist brutality and forces of Control and Repression.

Artist Work

Safe Words (2012)
mixed media sculpture, dimensions approx 18" x 18" x 9'

mixed media assemblage, dimensions variable. Installation shot from MexCali Biennial 2010 at Ben Maltz Gallery, OTIS College.

Fascist Erotica Vol. 2 (2016)
mixed media assemblage sculpture, dimensions variable (86" x 86" minimum floorspace).

A TOAST (2017)
Live multimedia performance at LTD. LOS ANGELES for "TOWN HALL" Performance Festival. Approx 40 minutes duration.

Jason Wallace Triefenbach - Dream Warfare 3

Penny-Ante Editions Jason Wallace Triefenbach, DREAM WARFARE 3 (Trailer) Film (2007): 39 minutes, 41 seconds Edition package of 150 | http://www.penny-ante.net Utilizing "physical cast-offs and polymer abortions of our industrial cultural identity," performance artist Jason Wallace Triefenbach's "Dream Warfare 3" examines his personal relationship with physical material through the prism of its cultural value.