Jason Keam

Hello my name is Jason Keam. I am a fine artist, focused on character driven imagery used to tell narratives. I mainly use my imagery to tell stories or life lessons and spread empowerment, joy, and inclusiveness.


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Jason Keam
(310) 625-0780

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Artist Work

Neopolitan Dogs: Mural Painting (2017)
My murals are very minimal, modern, open to interpretation. This mural sitting 18ft high and 80ft wide depicts 3 dogs in different flavors walking in unison into the neighborhood We are all bring a different flavor to the city and we must walk together for a better future.

Rope swing (2017)
I wanted to capture the joy of friendship and summer. I made this painting to explore different colors represent the feeling of being happy to be outdoors Being older, I appreciate being outdoors more. I was very inspired by painters such as Manet and Seurat paintings in the park.

Best Friend (2017)
After a long day, I can just take a look at my best friend to remind me everything is gonna be ok. I tried to capture the feeling of joy and excitement I get when I see my best friend.