Jared Schwartz, Jared’s Art

I’ve been drawing since I was a little kid, and I still draw as a little adult. Through it all, I’ve had one goal: to create artwork that helps the world get better, never worse.
That goal has helped my visual artwork and my writing appear in various places over the years, so that it’s as likely to be found pasted onto a wall in Downtown LA as it is to be found in various local galleries and magazines.
I myself can be found drawing, writing, or teaching throughout L.A. with the same goal still in-mind that I started out with.
To make.
Until making makes things better.

Artist Work

The Human Heart (2021)
Made during isolation due to the pandemic, this piece represents the feeling I thought the first hug would feel like once I could be with other people again. The piece wasn't done until a close family member revealed they were having a baby, which helped me to finish it.

Pull My Finger! (2019)
Sometimes pain and pleasure can be hard to tell apart, even for those who are experiencing it. That's why this is a piece about vagueness, about being unsure if the red around you is rage or love, blood, or the heart it pumps through.

Shithole Person (2018)
At a time when I was already in the midst of making some protest artwork about bad things said by the person formerly called "President", he went ahead and said even more bad things, and I ended up needing to make artwork about that too to feel better.

Vulgax9 on Earth (2020)
A short science-fiction comedy about an alien scientist that comes to Earth with a dire warning, only to find that its inhabitants appear too paralyzed by fear to listen properly.

Link to Vulgax9 on Earth