Jaime Sabatte

I am committed to revealing the aesthetics of zero waste. I create hand-made collectible, decorative, functional and wearable artwork using found materials and objects. Currently I am focused on the creative reuse and assemblage of vintage hardware, silverware, glass, metals, electronics parts and wood. I believe that salvaged materials deserve new beginnings.
In addition to transforming found objects into jewelry, figurines, characters, wall art and installations, I developed techniques to incorporate LED technology at small and large scales, indoors and outdoors. My preference for vintage hardware, silverware and electronics parts stresses a collaboration between old school craftsmanship and the beauty of smart technologies. My work is distinctively timeless and tooled.


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Jaime Sabatte

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Artist Work

Vintage Radio Parts and LED Sculpture (2019)
LED and vintage hardware lend for the creation of magical settings as in this nightlight sculpture

Silverware Wall Art, Figurines and Vases (2010)
Creative reuse of vintage silverware. I want to underscore both the serving role cutlery represent, and the preciousness of foodstuff. In acquiring one of my pieces collectors affirm their own primal claim for legacy and confidence in the future.

Decorative robot (2019)
A second chance for rusty vintage hardware and chipped electronics. A new whole made out of no longer functional parts. A poignant commentary on resilience and new beginnings.