Jade Estrada

I tend to be drawn to portrait and figure drawing in general. I took classes in fashion design as a child, so I developed a fascination for capturing the body in different lights, transitioning later from adding texture to clothing on to the nooks and crannies of the face and body instead. I have restless hands and a scattered brain and so have explored new mediums to keep my love of creating alive and well, from woodburning to fabric bleaching to sculpture to painting. My intentions with my art are mainly to push for seeing and accepting people in all their imperfections and to bring a sense of calm by capturing fluid movement.


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Jade Estrada

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Artist Work

Slowpoke unchained (2021)
acrylic on embossed wood

The push and pull (2019)
Mixed media of acrylic and marker on canvas

For Sale (2020)
Mixed media of acrylic and marker on plastic