I am Joshua McCall, a painter, graphic designer, clothing designer but most importantly Community leader. I feed, and cloth Homeless in my city of Long. Each monthly through profit from my clothing brand. All I aspire to do in life is create cathartic art, teach others of how to create, and provide opportunity and resources to people who are without in the world.



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Joshua McCall
(562) 472-8545

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Artist Work

My Life (2020)
A illustration I created for a producers music album!

My Full Heart (2020)
I once gave a woman my full heart, so I knew what it meant to be in true love. An illustration I made, inspired from an old painting that got destroyed.

The Kid with the Balloon (2020)
The kid with the balloon is inspired by hidden emotions You may go through life never expressing any emotion physically, although in actuality it could be that you’re experiencing happiness or depression This is a boy expressing his happiness in present day through his friend “the Balloon”.

Bobby Danks - Drive-In (2020)
A song written about the intimate connection between you, and your woman. Having a night out on the town, catching vibes at the drive in then to finish the night off with each other at home.

Link to Bobby Danks - Drive-In