Inner Cambium

Life-long creations that last generations.

My name is Sarven Manguiat, recording and touring guitar player since 2007, former licensed vocational nurse, and now local Long Beach wood worker. I began my wood working obsession when I agreed to perform at a Maker’s Mart for Street Tree Revival, an Anaheim based urban wood recycling program, in exchange for a beautiful slab of wood that eventually I made into my studio desk. Word got out and after a couple of jobs, including outfitting local barbershop, Antonetti’s Hair for Men, and local plant store, Plantitas, I decided to go all in and create the brand, Inner Cambium.

The word, cambium, refers to the growth layer of a tree. It is the layer that turns into bark and adds to its width. The name Inner Cambium stands for the continued personal growth that I have committed to as a lifelong learner and dedicated craftsman.

My intent as a wood worker is to continue to challenge myself and expand my skill set in this ancient practice, as well as provide quality and ethically sourced products to my community that bridge form and function.

While I have cabinets and benches in my portfolio, my work consists of mainly custom live edge dining tables that highlight the natural form of the tree mixed with epoxy resin. Dining tables to me, out of all types of furniture, represent more than just its function. They are place to break bread with new friends, a work surface to develop a new business or create art, a daily driver for a family to create memories at, and if made with quality and attention to design and detail, they can be an heirloom passed down from generation to generation.

My current focus is a merge of my career as a guitar player and my wood working with a line of wall mount guitar hangers. My aim is to provide specially designed hangers that correlate with the style of guitar player or style of the actual guitar, from metalheads to gypsy jazz aficionados to blues and country guitar players. I just released my first model called, The Jacoby, which leans into a mid-century modern asymmetrical design, available in 3 wood/color options. Along with The Jacoby, I am also making 1 of 1 live edge epoxy hangers.



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Sarven Manguiat
(562) 714-8153

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Artist Work

Blackened Willow River Table (2022)
Dimensions 120"x48". The live edge of the slabs of willow were blackened prior to casting the epoxy resin, and then the surface of the table was stained after flattening/sanding. Finished in a combination hard wax oil

Round Elm River Table (2023)
Dimensions: 75" diameter. Two 12 foot elm slabs were cut into moon shaped pieces and then joined together using epoxy resin that was tinted with a black dye. Brass was used as an inlay to stabilize natural cracks in the slab. Finished in a combination hard wax oil

A Pair of Carob Cookies (2022)
Two carob crosscut sections "cookies" filled with an ocean blue tinted epoxy and finished with a combination hard wax oil.