Hyphen Select

Hyphen Select is a DJ / Music Producer, known for his experimental instrumental production & atmospheric genre-bending mixes, as well as, his work with groups such as Kintamani Moon, Mental Physix & Parallel. Seeing past musical boundaries, he combines all styles, including hip hop, soul, drum & bass, dub, world, ambient and beyond. Using every environment as inspiration to interpret life through sound, his music mirrors his surroundings, giving him the space to come alive as an audio storyteller. He also intuitively creates guided soundtracks during yoga & meditation classes, to help practitioners voyage deeper into their journey of inner transformation. His latest curiosity has been experimenting with a device which senses the electrical conductivity of plants and translates the data into cosmic soundscapes. From Yoga Studios to Music Festivals, you can find him forever exploring the endless possibilities of sound…


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Dru Ali
(714) 851-6041

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All Style DJ
Festivals, Art Shows, Corporate Events...

Hyphen Select: "Sound Science" (Live Instrumental Hip-Hop DJ Mix)

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Yoga DJ
Yoga Festivals, Classes, Workshops...

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Intentional DJ
Sound Baths, Intention Circles, Meditation Sits...

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Kintamani Moon & Friends on Lilac Sessions

Kintamani Moon & Friends - Episode 008

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Kintamani Moon & Friends at Desert Daze Festival 2019

Sound Healing Journey inside Mystic Bazaar at Desert Daze 2019

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