My artwork ranges from caricatures, portraits, political cartoons, logos, to comic panels. I am fortunate enough to have been trained and mentored by legendary artists such as Charles Bibbs and Michael Massenburg. As a child, I was trained in traditional art styles such as painting, charcoal, pastels, scratch board, and mixed media. It wasn’t until my three-year journey in New York City, with only an iPad to draw on, where I ventured into digital art. My website, as well as my Instagram @hustopher encompasses my art and graphic design portfolio.


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Anthony Sibert

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Artist Work

Baines Wedding (2021)
Portrait painting of the Baines wedding

Link to Baines Wedding

Simon Phoenix vs. Blade (2018)
Ink pen drawing of two iconic Wesley Snipes characters: Simon Phoenix vs. Blade.

Link to Simon Phoenix vs. Blade

Rihanna (2022)
A toon me, style challenge of Rihanna

Link to Rihanna