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Hello, I’m Huf… Born and Raised in North Long Beach. My Introduction into art came from skateboarding and graffiti early on.
As I grew as an artist over the last 15 years I have explored different mediums such as: Mural painting, Print making, Graphic design,
Fashion, to most recently Creative directing. My mission is simple, Create to inspire. In the beginning of my career I was only creating for myself… but once I started to realize the importance of giving back and sharing with others, it immediately had a impact on me
and the way I go about putting my artwork into this world. The opportunity to possibly help Long Beach creatively at this time is a full circle moment for me to be perfectly honest. This city has given me so much over the last 25 years, it’s only right to give some positive energy back to the LBC.


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HUFR 365

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This was a large wood panel painted with acrylic and spray paint.

INCPTN (2015)
This video will give you context of how my Art Career was started, through graffiti and culture. Much has changed since this was released, the best words to describe my evolution is maturity and openness.


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Custom Hand bags for Champion, Official collaboration. (2019)
I did 25 1 of 1 Hand bags for the brand Champion for ComplexCon in Long Beach, CA