Hope Ezcurra

Hope Ezcurra is a self taught artist with a focus on environmental and death positive themes.

Her professional focus is to cultivate engagement in contemporary and modern art. She is currently using her education in Art History and International Business to document and coordinate the logistics of artwork loaned to Torrance Art Museum. She also assist in curatorial research at the museum, works as a freelance curator, and devotes her spare time to my own self taught artistic practice. While she primarily works in assemblage and spray paint, she also paints (India ink, watercolor, and acrylic), and dabbles in 35mm photography.

The vast majority of her artwork is memento mori (Latin: remember you must die). She is drawn to creating macabre imagery because of its universality. The imagery is meant to evoke that sense of being small and large at the same time. Her artwork speaks to the terminal elegance of life and fragility of nature. Entropy and death is both what links all life together and tears it apart. In her artwork the cadaverous represents a connection to something larger, like staring up at the stars at night. Her artwork is a reminder of the dust that we came from and will eventually return to.

It is a love letter to the rust and stardust in all of us.



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Hope Ezcurra

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Artist Work

Expired Prayers (2020)
Spray paint on thrifted vintage wood frame

Return (2019)
India ink on rag paper, with collage elements.

In The Depths(small memories of long goodbyes) (2021)
Spray paint over a rose and plastic dinosaur skeleton on vintage book cover