As an artist, I feel that it is my duty to express my feelings and creativity to the world;
To never lose sight of what is most important; and to create art that leaves an ever lasting impression on the viewer.



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Artist Work

Tupac Shakur (2019)
This piece was painted live downtown Los Angeles durinf Art Therapy Event in 2019. I am huge fan of the artist/rapper Tupac Shakur this was the first piece I created live when I moved to LA. Created in a pop art style with acrylic based paint. Measure 36x40

MalcolmX -By Any Means Necessary (2019)
This piece was created to pay tribute to one of the greatest activist of our life time Malcolm X. It stands 36x40 Medium Acrylic based paint.

Bayou Classic- War Of The Bayou (2019)
This piece was created to show the history between to of the most well recognized HBCU programs in college football.