Guillermo Ivan Avalos

Guillermo Avalos is an artist with an extensive background in mural painting and fine art. His murals can be found in many cities, Parks, Schools, Libraries, Community Centers, and Businesses . The range of projects he has worked on include public art as well as community based artworks.

Born in Baja California, and raised in Long Beach, CA, Guillermo Avalos is an experienced artist specializing in fine art and mural painting. From an early age, Guillermo became enamored with the world of art and artists, studying and learning the techniques of Professional Artists he admired. In his teens, Guillermo became a volunteer for the City Of Long Beach’s Mural Arts Program. Through the 20 years working for the Long Beach Mural Arts Program, he was able to hone his craft and eventually graduated to working on his own mural projects, Mural Conservancy, for the city and private cliental.

His projects range from public art to large scale community based projects that have taken him all across the United States, Mexico, and even to Europe. With a style described as “colorful realism”, Guillermo now has close to 50 murals completed, with no end in sight. And aside from his mural work, Guillermo has also curated several art shows displaying his personal work and allowing other artists, and his students to gain exposure.

Never forgetting his past and those who helped and mentored him, Guillermo actively looks to work with youth and community volunteers in creating art. It’s his hope that bringing a sense of communal pride to his projects will cement them as true landmarks for generations to come.


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Contact Information

Guillermo Ivan Avalos
(562) 810-8804

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Artist Work

Guillermo Avalos Murals (2018)
A selection of Public Art murals, through 25 years that total 55, Public Art Projects.

Link to Guillermo Avalos Murals

Northern Prominence

No Description

Compilation of timelapse and Project Videos (2019)
Avalosartdesign youtube channel, with a collection of Public Art Projects.

2016 Mural Projects

No Description

"This is where i call Home" (2016)
Media interview with City of Long Beach Tv, and Arts Council, Mural Overview.

MEDIA - Guillermo Ivan Avalos

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Electrical Boxes (2012)
Compilation of Painted, Electrical Boxes, Commissioned by the City Of Long Beach.

Link to Electrical Boxes