Griselda Suarez

Griselda Suarez is a writer, artist, cook, and a teacher. She was born in unincorporated East Los Angeles and walked Whittier Blvd and Brooklyn Ave in black and white saddle shoes. She grew up in a place where her thoughts did not easily find voice; instead, she found a pen and paper. Her hometown inspires her to investigate memories of a home space that continues to be bodiless. She believes that the arts are essential in empowering others to express their thoughts. Throughout her career, she has created programming and trainings dedicated to facilitating transformation and creating agency for her communities. In 2016, she became the Executive Director of the Arts Council for Long Beach. Most recently, Griselda was awarded “40 under 40” by the LB Post for her leadership in the arts and her resiliency in battling cancer. Suarez is dedicated to Long Beach and loves contributing to the city because she strongly believes in the impact of local impact arts has on residents’ lives.


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Call to Action (2016)
This story was initially published on Out in the 562 one year ago after Griselda Suarez and Amy Eriksen received their award from the Long Beach Lambda Democratic Club. Suarez’s message to the LGBTQ community is still relevant.

Link to Call to Action

Driving on the Five, Meeting on the Page (2014)
25 for 25 is an anthology of works by some of our community’s leading authors, including Dorothy Allison, Ellen Bass, Alison Bechdel, Ivan E Coyote, Jewelle Gomez, Rigoberto Gonzalez, Alex Sanchez, Sarah Schulman, David Trinidad, Edmund White and many others, with original introductions by emerging writers they’ve influenced.

Link to Driving on the Five, Meeting on the Page

Concrete River Boulevard (2009)
A collection of poems about growing up in East Los Angeles and leaving my hometown to learn more about who I am.