Graham Goddard

Goddard is an exhibiting visual artist interested in exploring creativity through various artistic mediums including painting, site-specific installations and mixed media. Through neo-expressionistic paintings, Goddard has recently been interested in exploring inverted imagery where a painting can be viewed upside down and right-size up after the viewer rotates the canvas.

With an interest in honoring the cultural traditions from the Caribbean (Goddard was born in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago), Graham creates large carnival costumes for the Los Angeles Culture festival and cultural events to expose people in the US to the beauty of Caribbean Culture.

Goddard is the first Trinidadian-American in history to exhibit at the Skirball Museum and has been featured at the California African American Museum twice. His artwork has also been exhibited in numerous art galleries throughout the United States and abroad.

Artist Work

"Run to the Light" (2015)
Acrylic and Graphite on canvas, 60" x 72"

"Paradigm" (2012)
Installation at the California African American Museum. Metal and Aluminum , 50' x 6' x 5' 6". Paradigm is a site specific installation designed to investigate its surrounding environment as an object consisting of a process of ongoing relationships between man and nature while addressing our ecological responsibility.

"Traditional Large Caribbean Carnival Costume" (2019)
20 foot costume made of fabric, wood and metal designed to educate and bring awareness to traditional Caribbean culture. Shown to over 60,000 people at events from Los Angeles to San Diego in 2019.