Grace In Clay

I appreciate this earth and all that it gives. My hope is to share the grace in my life through my experience with clay in everyday functional art.
Having a love affair with clay since kindergarten, I am still enjoying the first fruit of my labor, a textured turquoise blue soap dish.
Feeling gratitude for earth, fire, water and love.
Listening and hearing the secrets the fire tells.
Inspired to be quiet and understand the human state.
Learning not to be attached to the outcome and excited by the process.


Contact Information

Mary Grace
(310) 344-5050

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Artist Work

Functional Ware - Bowls- "surprise" (2018)
Very large porcelain bowl. Traditional celadon and majollica glazes using a resist technique. . High fire- oxidation.

Functional ware - large bowl- "sleepy" (2018)
High fire porcelain. Contemporary ash and shino glazes. Reduction atmosphere.

Functional ware- flower vase- "mama" (2018)
High fire shigaraki style clay. Ash firing. Multi glaze and oxides.