Go To Heaven Dance Company

Mission Statement: We are dedicated in teaching the art of dance and believe that through the pursuit of excellence, dreams do come true. Our goal is to end racism one dance at a time.


Contact Information

Keilah Glover
(323) 301-3317

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Artist Work

I'm Black (2020)
This piece was performed by Go To Heaven Dance Company on Juneteeth 2020 and expresses the emotions we feels while being Black in America Go To Heaven Dance Company's Mission is to end Racism one dance at a time.

State of the World (2020)
This is the Premiere to Go To Heaven Dance Company “State of the World” . Short film series for the Dancing on the Edge Blaktinx Festival show hosted by the Department of Cultural Affairs Concept Keilah Glover @keilahg Choreography Deonte Newell @dcenno Dancers Marlon Jamez @marlonjamez Videography E J Hill

Team (2016)
This is not just a video, it's a statement to STOP POSTING OUR YOUTH FIGHTING. This new moment is called the #DanceFightChallenge. We challenge you to take it back to the old school and post a dance battle video against someone and use the #dancefightchallenge.