Gnat M.

I am an artist and illustrator based in Whittier, CA. My work is an exploration of my stream of consciousness, emotions, and other intricacies of my human experience. I often depict colorful, expressive, often comical cartoon like characters. I create illustrations, comic strips, zines, merchandise, paintings, and am always eager to explore new mediums and take on new projects.



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Gnat M.

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Roses are Red Violence is Too (2018)
This is a comical look at being unlucky in love. Inspired by victorian valentine's imagery.

Nasty Girl (2019)
A sardonic take on sexual expression.

Thank You (2019)
This was a mural done in Los Angeles. The theme is expressing gratitude for the path that I'm on, and the is reflective of the state of mind I was in when I came up with the concept.

When Will my Life Begin? (2019)
A one panel comic strip that recalls the time I spent daydreaming as a child.