Gloria Arjona

Born in El Paso and raised in Mexico City, Dr. Gloria Arjona has a distinctive way of lecturing through music, stories, media, traditional attire, and living pictures to draw attention on the rich cultures and traditions of Latin America, in particular Mexico and the US-Mexico border. Either as a soloist or accompanied by guest musicians, Dr. Arjona will create a dynamic environment of learning and joy for young children and adults.



Contact Information

Gloria Arjona
(213) 880-4187

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Artist Work

"La Bruja" (The Witch) (2016)
This video is based on a 17th century song and dance from Oaxaca, Mexico, associated to Frida Kahlo because her mother was from this region, and because the outfit of this region is the one Frida adopted with more enthusiasm.

Interactive Lectures in China (2017)
I spent five weeks at SIAS University in China as part of a program that aimed to empower women through the arts. During the weekends, I worked with young children teaching them music and Tableaux Vivants (Living Pictures).

Interactive Lectures Teaser (2016)
Pictures and video clips of various presentations in Los Angeles and San Francisco

Performance in a Gallery in China (2017)
This is part of an interactive lecture I did in a gallery in China related to multiculturalism in the United States.