My creative company is called Give4th, which means 1/4 of the proceeds is given to a good cause. Each of my pieces represent that cause. For example I’ve done a lot of volunteer work for a non profit disaster relief organization called All Hands and Hearts. They are located all over the world where it is needed. One of the opportunities I took part in was rebuilding homes in Puerto Rico. So I created a line a Coqui frogs which are the national animal of this beautiful country. This decision to create Give4th has transcended my artwork to have a deeper meaning contributing to communities in need as well mainstreaming my creativity to a clear focus.
I am a mixed media artist and apparel graphic designer. My mediums are pencil, pen, marker, paint, watercolor, and dremel carving on wood. Besides the urgency of each cause I represent my inspiration comes from pushing boundaries to places I’ve never been, creating artwork that is bold, full of movement and emotion.
My work stands for kindness, love and compassion.


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Contact Information

Carlos Militante
(973) 224-5163

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Artist Work

Pride (2017)
Mixed media on wood. Pencil, Pen and spray paint

Elephant 1 (2016)
Mixed media on wood. Pencil, water color, spray paint and shellac

Rhododendrons of Nepal (2016)
Mixed media on paper. Water color, pencil and metallic marker