Gil Cabble

I use locally reclaimed wood from downed, storm damaged or driftwood trees to give new lasting life and beauty. Every log can tell a story and rather than end in the land fill or burned as firewood I create useful objects from bowls to art pieces so that the tree can live on in a new form.


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Gil Cabble
(214) 403-7891

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Artist Work

Driftwood free form modern vase (2022)
This piece was turned from a driftwood log found on the Long Beach public beach. After years in the water the resulting salt staining, fungus growth, and rot creates amazing colors if you are patient and can coax it out.

Indian Hawthorn footed bowl (2022)
Indian Hawthorn tree was taken down by the city of Long Beach due to disease and termite and was deemed a hazard Cracks, termite damage voids in the wood are celebrated as is the burl woodgrain and amazing colors. What would have been turned to mulch is now an heirloom.

Contemporary olive bowl The Lagoon (2022)
Contemporary / mid century modern old growth olive bowl is alcohol dyed to give the impression of a shimmering lagoon.