My relationship with art is a constant learning experience. Experimenting with different techniques & blending styles, knowing that there’s no limit. Art is in everything & allows you to be poetic with the mundane. It’s a free space that invites individuality, it understands that in order to create you have to be at the most authentic level of your being.

In my pieces I capture the human experience; combining the spiritual & physical with every piece. My life has provided me with endless experiences, spirituality has guided me with perspective & art gifted me with the space to share it with you all. This is my artistic process, reflecting on each lesson like stars in the sky. Gradually growing my knowledge & awareness, striving to be bright enough to guide others – all while knowing that I’ll always be a student of life.

I often consider art as my philosophy in life, it’s given me more than i could ever give back. I have committed myself to this work that comes with creating, understanding that I am to remain still & listen to the human experience around me.

“Each of us has a unique part to play in the healing of the world” – Marianne Williamson


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Artist Work

VOID (2021)
36"x36"Mixed Media on CanvasMinor glow in the dark details. The Void calls to all & all answer.

FLOW (2022)
12"x12"Acrylic on CanvasFluid and structure meet in this piece.

36"x36"Mixed Media on Canvas.All things must change.

Letting the Chaos Drift Away (2022)
20"x20"Acrylic on Canvas