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I create Hip Hop music that is consciousness raising. My goal is to be effective in the community of Long Beach with the Artwalk for LB, always ready to help others display their art and also ready to display mine as an Art collective. I would love to eventually put together show events in the very near future, where music artists in the local community can sign up and hop on the venue, and especially an event for the homeless and mentally ill, where we have live performances, a fresh vegan meal, hygiene kits and a row of local barbers ready to cut hair. I proceed to call the event; “The Look Good, Smell Good, Feel Good Event”. Hip Hop is a popular choice of music in the communities in Long Beach. If used in the right way, we can help unite and empower the communities of Long Beach together.



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Elliott Williams
(657) 238-9356

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LOVE (2013)
This track called 'LOVE' is off my first project called 'Self-Taught'. The track is about unconditional Love. I am singing, rapping and I've produced and sequenced the beat for this song.

I Try (2013)
This track called 'I Try' is off my first project called 'Self-Taught' The track is about the struggles between two lovers and the amount of strength it takes for the two. I am singing on this song and I've helped produce the percussion drums for this beat.

You'll Be My Love (2013)
This track called 'You'll Be My Love' is off my first project called 'Self-Taught' The track is about "the one that got away", as to say a man longing for an ex girlfriend at the time, realizing she was good to him all along I rap, sang and produced this.

Avant Garden Beat & Art Collective April 2019 (2019)
As a very active community member of NLP and LB In Your City News it was an honor to cover and report this aesthetically eye-opening event put together by you all. Thank you.

Avant Garden Beat & Art Collective 2019

City of Long Beach Art walk and Beat Collective presented. by. Long. beach art Council where they provide opportunity to local artists and beat producers in the long beach area.#ArtsCouncilForLongBeach #LisaDesmidt

Posted by L.B. In Your City News on Sunday, March 10, 2019