My paintings are a form of meditation and exercise in patience. Living and working in the city is energetic, exciting, and at times overwhelming. Therefore, I create work that looks peaceful and relaxing to look at. At times it is more about the paint and color itself that creates the environment rather than the subject matter itself. My goal is to bring the mind back to a peaceful and calm place through painting.


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jose esquivel
(424) 757-3905

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Artist Work

Simply capturing the life and the objects of the beach city around me.

Kinetic Energy Map (2015)
Creating this requires for one to get rid of judgment during the creation process and let the mind flow with the brush. Paths naturally occur and improvisation and abstraction occur. It's those actions that makes us creative and human.

Balloon Dog Study (2018)
Sometimes it's hard to make something look easy. The challenge was to make the painting look minimal when there are hundreds of small details in the reflections.