Eric Michael

Eric Michael is a contemporary artist exploring the use of various mediums to create thought-provoking images that address an array of issues affecting humanity. Although nearsighted and color blind, Eric Michael is able to articulate experiences from a distinct perspective as he explores the limits of his own perceptibility. Using color gradients and intricate patterns, his art has the ability to depict subjects through a new perceptual lens, identifying social, economic, and political paradoxes. His goal is to heighten awareness and create new social paradigms to inspire change.

He was born and raised in Caricuao, a district of Caracas, Venezuela. In 1995, he migrated to the United States with his family in search of the coveted American Dream. Growing up, he worked hard to adapt to his new home without losing sight of his roots. The struggle of bridging cultural differences, without undermining either one’s significance creates the foundation for his work. While in Venezuela he was surrounded by the kinetic optic works of Carlos Cruz-Diez, a prominent Venezuelan artist. That served as inspiration to Eric’s artistry: to create emotive geometric pieces, encouraging the audience to see and question what is seen.


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Eric Michael
(310) 918-6347

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Artist Work

Aphrodite Painting (2017)
84 x 252Acrylic and Latex on Wood PanelsDuo show with Alex Diffin, She is Worth The Truth shown at Resin Gallery in Hermosa Beach, CA.

III Painting (2018)
Acrylic and latex paint on canvas36 x 108Duo show with Luna Palazzolo shown at The Laundromat Art Space in Miami, FL

Introspect (2018)
Introspect is a group show where artists reflect on social and political issues, creating a healthy discourse about a diverse array of issues and providing a new perspective on these topics.Curated by: Eric Michael & Leah Perrino

Shapes (2019)
Mural commissioned by: Bixby Knolls Business Improvement Association Video shot and edited by: FreddyFloFoto Music by: V.I.P.N Epic Cloud