Be A Spark of Art! Hello my name is Katelyn McGehee, my mission is to share my art with the world. I feel that art speaks to our hearts and helps people through rough times. I would like to share a colorful glimpse of passion, love, and history through my visual painting or sketching. I have been traveling America for a decade now and can say that art is truly a form of higher communication. Not only am I a work of Art, so is every person in this world and I would like to convey that all colors are needed to make the perfect picture!


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Contact Information

Katie McGehee
(443) 363-7909

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Artist Work

abstract ball (2020)
Can you see a ball or a hole?

Pizza Shop Mural (2019)
This is a mural I did of local miami celebrities all eating pizza and enjoying the party.

Calmness (2020)
This is a pencil sketch. I call it Be patient good things are coming.