Elyse Pignolet

I am an American with Filipino heritage, living and working in Los Angeles. Working primarily in ceramics, I have been inspired by and dealt with various themes including political and social issues, the dialectic between feminism and misogyny, inequality, and cultural stereotypes. Exploring the boundaries between ceramics, painting and sculpture.

Pottery that may be read at first glance as familiarly decorative, delicate and classically influenced, upon further inspection reveals images and text containing politically confrontational, unapologetic messaging. Intentionally contrasting traditional techniques and patterns with unsettling, suggestive innuendos and tropes that are all too common in our language and culture.



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Contact Information

Elyse Pignolet - represented by Track 16 Gallery, Los Angeles
(310) 815-8080

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Artist Work

Installation View - Track 16 Gallery, Los Angeles (2020)
View of installation of solo exhibition at Track 16 Gallery, downtown Los Angeles, in 2020.

"Declaration" (2020)
Hand built and painted ceramic vessel featuring the original text of the Declaration of Rights and Sentiments, along with quotes from Pres. Trump about women.

"Testimony" (2019)
Hand built and painted ceramic vessel featuring testimony of Dr. Ford vs. Brett Kavanaugh in Supreme Court confirmation.

"Will She Ever" (2019)
Hand built and painted ceramic vessel that has the phrase "Will she ever shut up".