Elle Wright

I am an experienced director, producer, choreographer, writer, and piano/voice/dance instructor with experience in all fields of Performing Arts. I have had 50+ successful shows in multiple theaters.  My ability to oversee all facets of a production streamlined both the creative process and the efficiency needed to go from casting to opening of classic Broadway to fairy tales in a short period of time.

My productions became audience favorites and were a launching pad for young talent to find their voice and receive the mentorship needed to pursue the fine arts.  I have also published, to date, twelve books for children. These will provide the material to create a children’s theater for Long Beach that will provide family-oriented cultural events. It will be a place where ideas are energized, hopes are realized and children will gain a meaningful connection to the beauty of theater.



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Elle Wright

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I Am Awesome (2021)
A 2:26 sample reading of book

I Am Awesome

I Am Awesome is a whimsical picture book that will take you on a "feel good about yourself adventure". Self-esteem soars when you feel great about yourself. Read this unusual and exciting book, and explore your unique path to being awesome.

Little Star: The Wish (2021)
A 2:42 reading sample of book

No Title

Little Star has become a Wish Star. In this second book of the Little Star series, Little Star is tasked with making a first wish come true. The wish is from a child on Earth and Little Star thinks it is impossible to make this wish come true.

Tickle Tuesday (2021)
A 2:08 sample reading of book

No Title

Every day is special.. Some are fun. Some are wacky. Some are cool. Some you go to school. but Tickle Tuesday is magical. Come along and you will see how fun Tickle Tuesday can be! And the good news is that it happens once a week. Maybe it will even become your favorite day.

CinderElla: Rap, Rock and Rhyme Version (2021)
A 2:54 sample reading of play

Link to CinderElla: Rap, Rock and Rhyme Version

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