Elizabeth Munzon

Elizabeth Munzon received a Bachelors of Fine Arts (BFA) emphasized in Figurative Painting and Drawing with a minor in Marketing from California State University, Long Beach. Her most recent series “Centzon Totochtin: 400 Rabbits” focuses on pre-Hispanic Mexican mythology in relation to contemporary, and imaginative narratives. Her travels to Mexico, and desire to learn about her culture’s myths and mythologies inspired the start of this body of work. Outside of this series, she enjoys working on landscape tree studies.

Elizabeth has shown in various group exhibitions across Southen California, with one group exhibition in Nice, France. Long Beach Museum of Art and Bergamot station are among some of the locations her work has been exhibited.



Contact Information

Elizabeth Munzon
(818) 256-7962

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Artist Work

Huitzilopochtli's Revenge (2017)
The 400 Rabbits Vs the God of War

Rabbits Mask (2018)

The Straw Mirror (2016)