THE CHICANO EXPERIENCE: Ancient Mexico meets Modern meets The Hood

Beautiful exotic blend of Ancient Mexico and the Hood blending with elements of Electronica (Drum n’ Bass; Dubstep; Ambient Music and more) and Fusion Jazz and World Music!!!

Martin Espino, composer and performer a.k.a. ELECTRA AZTECA is a Long Beach artist who presents this musical project as a “Solo Artist”. He occasionally will invite musicians from other countries to play with him. He also works with modern dancers.


Contact Information

ELECTRA AZTECA "Ancient Mexico meets Electronica meets the Hood meets World & Jazz Musics"
(562) 713-2774

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Artist Work

PROMO VIDEO #1 "Live Performance" samples (2018)
Examples of my "live" sound at Public Performances and in my Studio I included the Studio footage for see where I compose and try out new pieces The "live" is show you how I look in appearance and how my set up looks! Yes I generate all this sound "live"!

Example of my "live" sound and how I dress, always dressy, homie style!!!

"Live" @ MOLAA - Innovation Festival (2018)
An excerpt of a 2 hour performance at this festival for high technology. Also demonstrating my "live" sound and mood and how I dress, always dressy!

"Live" at SOUND PEDRO 2018 (2018)
"SOUND PEDRO" FESTIVAL, Angels Gate Cultural Center performing my original work "AGUA" exploring "Sound" without melody or rhythm using Ancient Mexican instruments, Sound Processors and Synthesizers The work was performed 5 times that night! Visual improvisations by WIlliam Almas.