Eldorado Collective

Founded at Eldorado Skatepark in Long Beach, as a group who was looking to jam together and create music. We have been gigging around Long Beach since 2014. Working on recording, we have made a name for ourselves by performing live music with art displays in bars and venues in Long Beach and various other LA/OC areas. First we are a band of musicians while skateboarding is first love for the majority members of the band. The “Collective” comes from the idea of fusing the MUSIC, ART, SKATEBOARDING, PHOTOGRAPHY etc. into one outlet. It is simply an idea, a dream of ours.  An extension of the band is visual artists, photographers and cinematographers, many of whom are also old friends from El Dorado park. We have and continue to grow together while supporting each other in our efforts to make it. Long Beach is a city that recognizes Skateboarding and has many great skate parks in town with “Eldo” being one of the first parks Mike Donelon helped create. We recognize skateboarding as an Art.

In our days of skating all day, everyday our Bass player and Visual Artist, Jason Tobin once mentioned “Skateboarding is an Art. Envision the skateboard as a pencil, a brush; and the city, your local skate park, even a red curb, is your blank canvas, where you are free to express yourself”. The music we play is mainly instrumental music. Heavy emphasis on the groove-jazz influences. We intend to inspire, spread light and love through the music and visual arts and to simply show “it can be done”. We are fascinated by the heart, spirit and our subconscious minds. We intend to give something pure and raw, honest and unfiltered from the wellsprings of creativity. We are abstract artists that love Jazz, Funk, Latin jazz, Soul, and the Blues. Spontaneous improvisation and composition that tells a story through the music and art. The legend of Eldorado goes way back in human history and we are aware that it’s a common name but it’s not about a city of gold for us, but the paradise we all have within ourselves and through each other.



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Contact Information

D. Scotty Salmon
(714) 709-1850

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Artist Work

Incognito Man clip LIVE at The Good Bar Long Beach (2018)
Original titled "Incognito Man". Live at The Good Bar Long Beach. Filmed by Michael Gasher / Gasher FilmworksMay 2018

Incognito Man clip Live at The Good Bar Long Beach

Filmed By Michael Gasher / Gasher Film Works May 2018

Purple Bag. Live at The Good Bar Long Beach. (2018)
Original titled, "Purple Bag"Filmed and edited by Austin Feliciano May 2018

PURPLE BAG by Eldorado Collective. Live at The Good Bar, Long Beach, CA

Filmed and edited by Austin Feliciano and crew Original titled Purple Bag. Live at The Good Bar, Long Beach. Drums : Dylan (Corn Nut) Mieras BasS: Jason Tobin Guitar: Pat Sims Piano: Scotty Salmon

Green Salon Short Film Festival Article RE-CAP (2018)
On the 10th paragraph/line of the Article it mentions the band.We both performed music and displayed art works at this event. although it mainly highlights the host of the events art works, Roy Anthony Shabla. We are thankful to be featured in the article of the Downey Patriot.

Link to Green Salon Short Film Festival Article RE-CAP

Sacred Geometry designs by Bass Player & Visual Artist, Jason Tobin. With surrounding works by Keyboardist & Visual Artist, Scotty Salmon (2018)
from the Ranch Art Show in Newport Beach put on by Shaun Heather. Eldorado Collective Artists displayed: Jason Tobin, Scotty Salmon, Mike Debonardo, Lewis Scott, & Nick Cortez. Nov'2018

"ARTS NOT DEAD" Art Show at The Good Bar Long Beach. Eldorado Collective art display (2018)
We both displayed Art Works and performed an hour in a half Jazz set. Put on by Lynwood Monk and the Good Bar Team. Nov' 1st 2018

Art Display from the Green salon Short Film Festival and Art Fair (2018)
Kodak disposable film photo of the Eldorado Collective art display from the Green salon Short Film Festival. Featured artist being Piano/keyboardist D. Scotty Salmon and Visual Artist and Photographer Mike Debonardo