Eduardo Viramontes

Eduardo Viramontes (b. 1990 Lakewood, CA; Lives and works in Los Angeles) is a multidisciplinary artist with a background in illustration and graphic design. Their practice as a painter and visual artist explores their roots as a Mexican-American in Los Angeles and stems from memories – both the vibrancy of their culture and the challenges within the migrant working community they hold close to their heart. Eduardo’s work aims to uplift the hidden stories of the city while challenging the lack of support that pushes migrant workers into collective obscurity in America. Using a calligraphic style inspired by practices in typography, cholo graffiti, hieroglyphics, and sign painting—paired with physical performance-like gestures—Eduardo also delves into the complex layers of thoughts and emotions he feels about his upbringing, which is reflected, and occasionally hidden, in the imagery of his work. Inspired by the layers of buff paint that blanket Los Angeles and eventually crack, revealing long forgotten murals and graffiti of the past. Eduardo has exhibited in several shows in his lifetime and had his first solo exhibition, Strawberry Fields, in 2019 at Stay Gallery.

Artist Work

Entre la lumbre 2 (2021)
35" x 35" painting on canvas. Series exploring ancient Mexico iconography and combining modern inspirations. Using only spray paint and marker

Estos días (2021)
48" x 60" painting on canvas

Lejos de aqí (2021)
24" x 30" painting using mixed media and found objects to reflect memories