Eddy James

Independent filmmaker, photographer, and composer/Beatmaker specializing in digital marketing campaigns, headshots, music videos and short films. 🎥📸📽


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Book Trailer-“Black Indian”- (2020)
This is a book trailer. This is for @shondabuchanan new book ‘Black Indian’

Book Trailer-Black Indian FULL Directors Cut

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Music Video-The Koreatown Oddity- “Yesterday’s News” (2016)
Nuff Said...

Music Video: The Koreatown Oddity- Yesterday's News

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Crapsgiving on Cajon Pass (2019)
This is a Micro Documentary that I filmed while stuck on the Cajon Pass (I15) for 6 HOURS!!!!! on Thanksgiving 2019, on my way to See some family in Victorville CA. It sucked for everyone including the possum that appeared out of nowhere on the freeway Shot on iPhone XS

Crapsgiving on Cajon Pass 3k

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