Dulce Soledad Ibarra

While objects manipulated and made have importance as charged symbols, my process has been more about research, not just in an academic approach but in an emotional and personal approach. There is privilege in emotional and intellectual labor: I acknowledge this, I expand on this, and I critique this. I produce work that relies on the inclusivity of guilt; developing narratives that have strong intersections between identities, histories, and traumas. The guilt is found in being a child of immigrants, in adolescent internalized racism, in surpassing the generation before, in the stutters of a first language, in keeping queerness at a distance from family, in the investments in the art world.


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Dulce Soledad Ibarra

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Artist Work

Manos de Oro (2016)

Quisiera Ser Más que el Pasado Pero Aqui Estoy en el Presente (2017)

Piñatas y Preguntas: Seeking Answers in Internal/External Conflict (2017)

Madrecita y Nenote (2016)

Link to Madrecita y Nenote