Drew McClellan

I aim to expose my unique musical talent.
I aim to inspire artists alike to recognize their individuality and utilize their inner influences to create new and original material.
I aim to spread music to those who may not realize they seek new music.
I aim to be successful doing what I love.

I’ve spent the better half of my life exploring different genres, cultures, and styles of music. My passion for music has lead me towards visual art as well i.e. photography and video production. I believe that our experiences truly mold who we are and that everyone has something to offer.

I was born in Dallas, TX and raised in Colorado Springs, CO. From 2010-2018 I lived in Denver CO. After playing in several different bands and working multiple (seemingly endless) jobs as a line cook I learned a lot about the delicate balance of maintaining artist and personal relationships. Some relationships are beautiful, some are ugly, some end well, some don’t, some last a lifetime. At some point I realized that my art was more important than anything else ever would be, and decided to prioritize my passion. Writing and crafting songs became number one. Nearly all of my past affiliated projects; including Gravity Tapes, Grammar School, Buffalo Party, Archipelaghost, and my most recent band Spyderland, can be found on the web and major streaming platforms.

In September 2018 I moved to Long Beach, CA. I hope that by extending my experiences to new parts of the globe I can continue to learn, grow, and forever broaden my perspectives.


Contact Information

Drew McClellan
(719) 210-0975

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Artist Work

Spyderland Live at Goosetown Tavern (2018)
Spyderland performs live at the Goosetown Tavern 11/11/18

Link to Spyderland Live at Goosetown Tavern

Spyderland - Devil I Know (2018)
Official video for Spyderland - Devil I Know


The first official music video for Spyderland's debut single, 'Devil I Know' follows a bizarre freak show at the amusement park. The suggesting devil in all of us leads the parade.

Pillars (2018)
Spyderland's second single release Pillars


Listen to Pillars on Spotify. Spyderland · Song · 2018.