DreamOut People’s Project

DreamOut People’s Project is a customized workshop that blends oral history, creative writing and visual art for the purpose of community building. Our mission is to nurture dynamic connections between community members that inspire, educate and empower. The aim of this workshop is to establish the foundation for resilience, growth and social change within our communities.

At the end of the workshop, participants will have an “Individualized Dream Plan” and a “Group Dream Plan” that will encourage them to continue their dreamwork. Here, everyone’s story matters and everyone is a creative force. Participants will also make an art piece called a “Dreambox.”

DreamOut People’s Project facilitates authentic explorations of community, history, art, social change and self. This sparks conversations that change the world…one person at a time.



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Contact Information

Michelle Suzanne Snyder
(310) 927-6585

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Artist Work

Dreambox (2016)

Connection Station: Where Community Helpers Share & Grow Resources (2020)
In February 2020, DreamOut People's Project offered a customized workshop in Long Beach. The theme was self-care for community helpers; folks who often sacrifice their own well-being to serve in all walks of human service, education, healing, activism and so much more!

Mother's Day Themed DreamOut Workshop (2010)
Children interviewed their mothers, who were asked to bring a unique family artifact. Afterwards, they wrote a narrative together based on the artifact's connection to their family's story. The story and the artifact were placed inside their original Dreambox for safekeeping and personal reflection.

Leadership & Identity: A Customized Workshop for Migrant Education students (2020)
So inspiring to read and hear the ideas about community, identity and self-love shared by college bound migrant education high school students and their Chapman University student mentors!

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