Drake A. Curtis Jr.

I am Drake A. Curtis, and I am a portrait photographer. I capture stunning photos of people through the lens of my Canon camera.
Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. My first years were spent on a stage dancing with Nia Dance Troupe. My love for photography grew as I traveled the worId. I now reside in Long Beach, California. and work part time as a Flight Attendant for Delta Airlines based out of LAX.
My goal is to show the beauty, grace, strength, enthusiasm and individuality of people. I believe your wardrobe should connect to your scene, allowing your picture to tell a story, and create a memory to last forever. I enjoy creating concepts.
Most of my work is done in Los Angeles, but I have captured images around the globe. I have shot content in London, Amsterdam and Australia, just to name a few. I also work closely with fashion and jewelry brands SomethingBySonjia, RockNRemix and MoreMarvelous.


Contact Information

(617) 935-7346

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Artist Work

Black Love in 2021 (2021)
When a family photoshoot turn into an wedding engagement. A close friend of mine from Boston, found clever way to bring his family together for his wedding engagement. It was a success, his fiancé said YES!

Black Girl at PEACE (2020)
This was a shot I took last year of model Morgan Reid! She was modeling a lingerie line called Latres. Can you believe this is her first photoshoot? Me neither! The girl is natural!

Photos By Drizzy Website (2020)
This is my website. Here you will find a medley of my work over the last two years.

Link to Photos By Drizzy Website