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Before the internet music was our window to the world, to different lifestyles, other regions and other times. Hip hop caught my ear early on and taught me what my elders would not and i soaked up every bit like a sponge.

In my 20’s i was determined to make it to every hip hop event in chicago, it was the first time I would feel completely at home anywhere. When i saw turntablism live i saw my future. I had tried my hand at piano and dabbled in drums, but the turntables were the first instrument i wanted to master. I made the investment and spent hours every day the following years trying to emulate what i would see at shows.

I never really thought about djing as a profession, i just wanted to scratch and dig for new music. I’ve always been the type to share the records i love with friends or whoever would listen and it wasnt long before i started getting booked for gigs. Then, it wasnt long before i quit my job altogether to pursue my passion. The love and the practice routine remains to this day, theres always more to study and always room to improve. In Chicago my peers were/are some of the best djs out there and if you weren’t gonna be great at it dont bother, because where im from greatness is the standard.


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Kevin Kostopoulos
(847) 951-6031

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Sidewords blend (2019)
Lil video of a live remix

No Title

improv remix session

Patience (2019)
Dj mix


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The East (2024)
Dj mix

THE EAST by dj sidewords

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