I’ve been drawing since I was a kid in 1997 in my Grandma Mason’s living room. I remember my mom taking me to the Watts Towers as a kid and imagining what it would be like to be an artist and leave something great behind for the world to see and appreciate. My mom always told me I could do something with my art but I didn’t believe it because I felt that was a biased opinion. Twenty-two years later it feels surreal to actually do so. My mom has always said I am blessed and highly favored. When it comes to the art, I know that has definitely been the case when it comes to my accomplishments. I’m proud to simply be able to embrace my gifts from the man above and see what opportunities they bring and how far they can take me.


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Dezcjon L.

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BAJA AQUA BOOGIE (Rosarito, Mexico) (2018)

2DIE4 (2018)

Mid City Arts & Music Festival (2018)