I am, what I call, a ‘Closet Artist’ – mostly commission-based pieces, yet my work is quietly widespread. My artistry has no set direction, nor focus, but rather ranges from serious depictions of strength to clever portrayals of corporate slang, to metaphoric images that inspire thought, to simple lines that tell a story,

What I love most about art is that the piece can change direction at any given time with just the slightest change in thought, a twist of the wrist, or a mood swing. Though excited by the array of art mediums, I find comfort with pencil, graphite, chalk, charcoal, and marker.

Often called a wordsmith, my artistry also includes writing with the same artistic range. As a wordsmith, I have self-published Four books: – The Sun Came Out Last Night (poetry for the soul), LOL…You Can’t Make This Stuff UP! (inspired by life events), Truth, Excuse, or Something Else (a book of articles explaining the Black Woman) and I Wrote You 37 Letters (letters to you).

Enjoy! I look forward to meeting you, and thank you for your support!




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Dee Miller

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Bringing Down the House
Saxophones oriented all over the sheet with two Primary Saxophones. Black Sax represents John Coltrain, and the Red Sax represents Charlie Parker. The original piece has broken glass all over the surface represents the two, Bringing Down the House with their soulful sound

Almost There
Lines and shapes cover this piece, yet leaving a small section unfinished. The message of this piece says, 'I know exactly where I'm going. It's just not in the direction you want me to go, Trust me, I'm almost there.

Long Beach, CA
I was walking on the beach and noticed the artistic layout that the waves left behind. This is my representation of its beauty

My Son My Hero
I put a poem to an image that tells how a boy is left alone to figure out how to become a man because the man that he was supposed to call his hero, left him alone to figure out how to become a man.