Dayquan Moeller

Dayquan Moeller is a Long Beach based composer, playwright, poet, field recordist, and performance artist. An “artist in anthropologist drag,” Moeller’s research-based art practice involves extensive community dialogues which inform his use of music, sound, and language to explore issues of social justice. This most recently includes his installation, “In Our Glory: A Memory Exhibition,” which is based on the experiences of international and immigrant college students and was featured at the 2023 Santa Fe Springs Art Festival. His solo performances range from roaming his neighborhood with a cardboard box over his head, to trying to convince open mic attendees to purchase drinks from an “Invisible Lemonade Stand.” 



Artist Work

In Our Glory: A Memory Exhibition (2023)
In Our Glory: A Memory Exhibition was commissioned for the 2023 Santa Fe Springs Art Festival. It features a dozen interviews I conducted with immigrant and international college students about specific photographs from their home country. During the interviews, the students were not allowed to see the photograph but rather had to rely on their memory. The audience is intended to meditate on the still image while listening to the accompanying audio. The resulting installation was an immersive exploration of the reciprocal nature of memory and identity.

Hello/Goodbye (2021)
"An Excercise in Vulnerability," the artist wandered around North Long Beach with a cardboard box over his head. The front labeled "Hello" and the back labeled "Goodbye." *Photo taken by Tahirih Moeller

Four Corners: Music for Traffic (2022)
Experimental music piece in which musicians respond to the sounds of a street intersection. A work in progress, world premier planned for November 2022.