Dayquan Moeller

Dayquan Moeller is a Long Beach based composer, playwright, poet, activist and performance artist. His performances range from roaming his neighborhood with a cardboard box over his head, to trying to convince open mic attendees to purchase drinks from an “Invisible Lemonade Stand.” His collaborative works include composing music for three short plays, two short films, and publications in Molecule – a tiny lit mag and The Greenleaf Review. He is also co-editor in chief for the art and literature magazine, 562 Medium. 

Dayquan Moeller is currently studying Social Theatre and music at Whittier College. 


Artist Work

Hello/Goodbye (2021)
"An Excercise in Vulnerability," the artist wandered around North Long Beach with a cardboard box over his head. The front labeled "Hello" and the back labeled "Goodbye." *Photo taken by Tahirih Moeller

"Greens" (2021)
A short play published in the Fall 2021 issue of Molecule - a tiny lit mag, which only features written works that are 50 words or less.

Link to "Greens"

"Dear Open Mic Audience" (2021)
A performance piece about an unprepared open mic poet.

Link to "Dear Open Mic Audience"

BagHead on the Fourth of July (2019)
BagHead is a persona created for a series of photos which features surreal depictions of modern pop cultural activities. In this piece BagHead dons a cape and mask to become a superhero.