Dawn M Mendelson

My journey through mosaic has been a windy road, and my work has reflected the tiers of exploration—from discovering the colors and history of old china to basking in the richness of handmade ceramics. Inspired by the natural world around me, I combine bits of manufactured crockery with moody and rough shards to echo these forms.

My works celebrate and revere Nature, both in figure and abstraction: the secret spirals inside a Bird of Paradise, the delicate blossom of a tomato, the textured rock surfaces near the surf. Inclusions of manufactured materials among natural stones and minerals —a clock gear or a saw blade—are meant to bring joy and a smile. Scenes from vintage plates are a tunnel into my childhood memories. I emphasize recycled materials, pieces I have found or that have found me, to honor this Earth and keep hope for the future. I seek to engage people who view my work, and to connect with them through the language of color, texture, and also laughter.


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Dawn Mendelson

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Artist Work

Strawberry Flower (2018)
From the Garden Series, inspired by photos of my garden: Strawberry Flower. 16 3/4" x 16 3/4". Repurposed ceramic, stained glass, millefiori, smalti, and glass beads.

Epistrophy (2021)
12 3/4" x 12 3/4". Repurposed ceramic, stained glass, metal, glass beads, copper gold smalti, smalti, and pebbles.

BiCoastal Blues (2017)
23" x 8 3/4". Repurposed ceramic, stained glass, metal, minerals, gold smalti, glass beads and pebbles.