David Rios

My work deals with childhood nostalgia growing up in Los Angeles. My work explores a merging of cultures between my Mexican and American identity which is why I use streets and specific objects as landmarks for important moments in my life which help me remember these moments.


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David Rios
(323) 946-2728

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Artist Work

Vindicated (2019)
1/3 Series painting deals with the over bearing sensation of living in Los Angeles and all the limitations that I faced as a young child up too early adulthood. by working with the cubism painting style I strive for showcasing the complexity and abstraction of living in LA.

For Sale (2019)
2/3 Series painting deals with the consumerist culture that I experienced as a child living in Los Angeles. Every corner and every major street constantly vigorously advertised their products with the use of vibrant colors and big signs to entice customers.

Collision (2019)
3/3 series painting deals with both Mexican and American cultures clashing and so becoming a seperate culture in itself. This painting also deals with my early childhood memories of attempting too make sense of both cultures pulling me in one direction while simultaneously feeling like i belong too neither.