David L Byrne

My work revolves around creating natural systems and listening to them for advice. I treat the frequencies as one treats a garden, deciding what seeds to plant, giving the room to grow, pruning where necessary, and ultimately letting the fruit take shape itself.
I use feedback to create sound, not only because it is accessible, but because it is how life was originally generated on this earth. I call it generative music for that reason.
My mission is to discover the resonant frequencies in any object, emotion, person, or situation, and let it ring.
I do this through feedback manipulation, self-iterative recording, untethered performances, and experimental story telling.

Artist Work

Existing before Eyesight promo slide (2021)
Current main project, show runs weekly, new episode every two weeks. Plays twice a day every Monday. This is from the last episode, new one plays Monday 8am on nettnettradio.com

Link to Existing before Eyesight promo slide

Nothing is Secret (2021)
Music video from Charmaine's Names song "Nothing is Secret". Made using audio triggers on filters in Reaper. Had to recode some of the program to make it work. Everything done solo.

Nothing is Secret - Charmaine's Surname

Both psychic and technological surveillance strip all sense of privacy bare. What pulls us into this web? Love. Love for eachother and ourselves compels risking secrets. - Charmaine's Names https://charmainesnames.bandcamp.com/track/nothing-is-secret

Existing before Eyesight Ep 9 - Home (2021)
mp3 of the latest episode of my experimental radio drama. Can share with an email.

Link to Existing before Eyesight Ep 9 - Home

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